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    中關村外國語學校 中關村外國語學校

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    外教若干名(北京 薪資面談)


    • . 獨立負責承擔相應教學任務
    • . 提升學生的外語水平和口語交流技巧


    • . 精通口語教學技巧
    • . 有5年英語教育經驗者優先
    • . 善于站在學生角度,能根據不同學生的層次開展差別化教學

    BEIJING ZHONGGUANCUN FOREIGN LANGUAGE SCHOOL in Beijing is delivering the Victorian Certificate of Education in collaboration with RMIT University.
    The school seeks expressions of interest from experienced, qualified, VIT registered, VCE teachers to deliver one or more of the following subjects starting from September 2019

    • English
    • Accounting
    • Physics
    • Maths Methods
    • Chinese FL
    Teachers will be employed by BZFLS in  accordance with a negotiable contract (1 year minimum) and supported by RMIT staff including the Program Manager, Tertiary Pathways Programs, Co-ordinator of VCE in China and teaching mentor/s.
    Initial contact, together with a CV should be made by email to Jennyhan@aceleader.net,Position Descriptions, Selection Criteria and Benefits Package will then be forwarded.
    Selection Criteria
    For all subjects:-
    . A minimum of 2 years VCE teaching experience in the specific study in which candidates are applying to teach
    . Excellent classroom, administrative and communication skills as evidenced by referees
    . Current National Criminal Record Check
    . Good health – applicants must be able to access appropriate health/travel insurance
    . Willingness to undergo an orientation program/professional development
    . Suitability for employment overseas – some factors that will be taken into consideration include:-
           . previous overseas experience
           . EAL training and experience ( for the English teaching candidates only)
           . exposure to international students, particularly those from non-English   speaking backgrounds, in Australia
           . interest and knowledge of Chinese culture
           . independence, resilience and an ability to adapt to new environments
           . cross-cultural communication skills.
    For EAL, Accounting, Physics and Maths Methods, the candidate’s first language is English.
    Minimum:- Bachelor Degree and Diploma of Education
    Benefits Package
    BZFLS will employ the successful candidate.
    Salary:-  20,000 RMB per month EFT,  paid pro-rata (pre-tax). Paid holidays based on the Chinese school calendar
    Housing:- Assistance to find accommodation is available; such accommodation to be paid by BZFLS including water, electricity and internet.
    Free meals (worktime) at school cafeteria
    Flight allowance:- At the conclusion of one year of employment, one return economy fare to the employee’s home country will be made available.
    Annual leave:- Summer 5 weeks. Winter 3-4 weeks.  Some additional days in early October and May 1.
    Upon arrival the successful candidates will be picked up at the airport and taken to a hotel and settled in for up to 1 week at the expense of BZFLS.
    Visa assistance is available using a dedicated staff member in Beijing. Who will assist with visa and residency matters which may include health examination and personal accident insurance cover.  BZFLS will meet all associated fees and costs.
    Sick leave:- You will be entitled to take sick leave up to 7 days annually which is not cumulative.
    Foundation English
    The successful VCE Foundation English teacher will prepare and teach five 120 minute lessons per week.
    EAL/Accounting/Physics/Maths Methods/Chinese FL
    These teachers will prepare and teach two 120 minute lessons per week.
    Liaise closely with a Melbourne based mentor, in particular, in the conduct of all School Assessed Coursework.
    Undertake moderation/cross marking and other duties as initiated by the mentor.
    Complete written reports as required.
    Undertake parent teacher interviews (support from a translator may be required).
    Support student learning.
    Support Chinese VCE teachers in the delivery of the VCE.
    Teachers appointed to the BZFLS school will participate in an Induction Program in Melbourne.  As well they will take part in the annual VCE in China Conference which is attended by staff and students of schools in China offering VCE in partnership with a Victorian school together with their Melbourne based mentors.
    Expressions of Interest for the pre-VCE English position should be lodged by COB Wednesday August 12
    Expressions of Interest for the other positions should be lodged by COB Wednesday September 30.
    . Address the selection criteria
    . Attach your CV ensuring your VIT Registration Number is included
    . Include a copy of your passport ID page
    . Provide certified copies of your qualifications
    . Include the details of 3 referees