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    中關村外國語學校 中關村外國語學校

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    作者:zgcschool 來源:國際部點擊數: 發布時間:2021-04-29


    For better communicating with students and parents, enhancing the understanding of parents about schools’ work and students’ performance at school, Year 9 class of BZFLS held a parent-teacher meeting on April 9th, 2021.


    The parent-teacher meeting was at 14:00, but at about 13:30, there were already some parents starting to come into the campus. Some parents spent their time to communicate with the teachers, some of them stood at the bulletin board and checked and some of them sat at their places.  


    With the class manager Liz Wang’s preparation, every parent got a sheet of their children’s marks. And teachers from administration poured everyone a cup of tea or coffee to welcome them to our international division.




    At 14:00, the meeting finally started. The first one on stage is foreign teacher Matt and his team of four students. Mr. Matt’s speech is very special with the four students translating his material and talking about how they feel at his class. In this special process, students can show how they have learned in class and at the same time practice their public speaking skills. After that, all the other teachers gave speeches about the teaching content and their suggestions for students’ study while the parents listening and taking notes. What’s worth noticing is that oversea study consultants were here to see the parents and will start to give guidance for the parents and students from April. At last, principle Gao gave suggestions to plan children’s future studies which made the parents and the students more confident and decisive. With more motivation, the students will be more energetic in their studies.



    At the end, teachers and parents had individual communication to discuss students’ problems in study. The meeting ended with a harmonious and exciting atmosphere. 



    Through this meeting, school and families are closer together, which is going to be helpful to the students’ studies and to achieve the aim of parent-school teaching.