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    中關村外國語學校 中關村外國語學校

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    作者:zgcschool 來源:國際部點擊數: 發布時間:2021-04-29


    The students, who entered VCE program of Zhong Guan Chun Foreign Language School in 2018 and study here for two and half years, finally got outstanding and satisfactory results in 2020 VCE. All the students got offers from universities in Australia; Over 50% of our students have got offers from Ive league universities also known as the top eight Universities in Australia. Congratulations and best wishes to them, hope them study well and succeed in future.



    The following words are from some of outstanding graduates, they hope the new graduates who will attend the VCE final examination in this November get better results, and out school can cultivate more excellent students.

    劉兆兆 Karlie  莫納什大學,傳媒專業——



    Every effort is paving road for the lucky, hope everyone in school can do his best in the last few months, with an optimistic mind to face all challenges. May you get the offer from your dreaming university.

    何寒雪 Shelly  莫納什大學,文學專業——



    Our effort right now is for flying to wider sky, so save time in youth.

    何冰雪 Carrie  莫納什大學,文學專業——



    Getting up early is difficult, memorizing words is difficult, science question is difficult, but once you get over it, there is beautiful future waiting for you. Believe me, you can do it !

    楊琳 Celine  莫納什大學,商科專業——



    We have to grow through wind and rain, so please don’t give up, don’t be weak.

    楊梓瑋 Jamie   悉尼大學,文學專業——



    If there is only one piece of advice for the students who are still in school, it is take the EAL seriously. You may be puzzled before the finally examination, but hope you can be honest to yourself -- see clearly where are your advantages and where are your disadvantage.If you could focus on your strong aspects, and make it better or even best for you, then there will be miracle. Constant effort will bring good results. Your teacher will give your best support and strength, make sure to take advice from them. Hope every one of you can enter your ideal university.




    Congratulate all the students have got excellent academic achievements, and hope them can get more excitement and joy in their future study, becoming outstanding citizens , guardians and leaders in our society.